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Volunteer to Decorate the Float

The float decorating for the Lions Float is at Phoenix Decorating Co, 5400 Irwindale Ave, Irwindale, CA 91706 (Map)

Check out the Phoenix Decorating Web site to see info on the float and live cameras of the float being decorated. Also volunteer information and map to floats.

Any Lion or Leo wishing to be part of the crew and help decorate our float, should sign up online; Lions Signup or LEOs Signup or contact your Lions Club. Questions? Contact Us for more information.


Tips for Volunteer Decorators:

  • The "Barn" is unheated and you will be working with glue that does not come out of clothes!
  • Parking is sparse, so be prepared to hunt and walk.
  • Children under 13 are NOT allowed to decorate. It's an insurance issue with the builder not us. They have asked those who violate this request to leave.
  • There's just too much going on and we work in tight quarters.
  • Dress warm and "Socially Grubby" (clothes you would wear to help a neighbor paint their house)
  • See suggestions for all decorators below.

2020 Lions Float Decorating Schedule
(Lions, Leos & Guests Only)
Day & Date (2019)ShiftDecorators
Dry Decoration
Saturday, December 79:00AM to 1:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 71:00PM to 5:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 149:00AM to 1:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 141:00PM to 5:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 219:00AM to 1:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 211:00PM to 5:00PMOpen
Floral Decoration   (Lunch: 12:00-12:30PM Dinner: 7:00-7:30PM)
Thurs., December 268:00AM to 2:30PMOpen
Thurs., December 262:30PM to 9:00PMOpen
Friday, December 278:00AM to 3:30PMOpen
Friday, December 273:30PM to 11:00PMOpen
Saturday, December 288:00AM to 3:30PMOpen
Saturday, December 283:30PM to 11:00PMOpen
Sunday, December 298:00AM to 3:30PMOpen
Sunday, December 293:30PM to 11:00PMOpen
Monday, December 308:00AM to 3:30PMOpen
Monday, December 303:30PM to CompletionOpen
Tuesday, December 316:00AM to FinishCrew Chief Invites

Lions Float Decorating Coordinator

Lion John Doogan, Director
Phone: 714-913-3428 or 714-380-043

Lion Ken Bell, Director
Cell Phone: 909-210-8671

Notes & Suggestions for all Decorators

  1. On the after-Christmas times, there are lunch (12 Noon - 12:30PM) and dinner (7PM - 7:30PM) breaks.
  2. Shifts on the after-Chistmas days are from 8AM - 4PM and 4PM - Closing.
  3. Please break for shifts at the shift changes, or at meal breaks, but not both on the same day.
  4. Club members, spouses, children, parents, friends, neighbors, (and total strangers) are welcome. Children less than 13 are not allowed to be part of the Crew.
    (If you can't behave as well as a 13 year old, you may be asked to leave.)
  5. Please PLEASE, PLEASE, show up for your shifts on time or early. The crew chiefs need time to bring new people up to speed on where we are on the float and what work needs done. It's easier for them to tell 50 people about it than 5 groups of 10.
  6. Please do not bring radios, walkmans, cameras, handbags or jewelry. Bring your I.D. and money only. Fanny packs work great.
  7. Wear old but warm clothing and sturdy shoes with closed toe and heel. Tie back long hair.
  8. Fire lane must be kept open at all times and the area around float should be kept clean.
  9. Please do not expect to use the office phones. There are pay phones located outside the north door for your use. Incoming calls will not be accepted for workers and no paging will be allowed from the office. We will take emergency calls only.
  10. No one is allowed inside the building during judging. When you are asked to step outside please do so promptly and remember take out any personal items with you.
  11. All breaks are to be taken outside.
  12. Volunteers are here to work. There will be some not-so-glamorous jobs that need to be done besides decorating; it needs to be done.
  13. No smoking is allowed in the buildings.
  14. No more than 3 people are allowed on scaffolding at a time.
  15. Do not wear flowers at any time, even after the floats have left the building.
  16. Please sign-in with your crew chief when you arrive at your float and when you leave. Sign-in sheets are collected daily.
  17. There is no eating allowed in the float barn at all. Phoenix will only allow eating in the barn in inclement weather.
  18. There are many fast-food places near by to eat, on Fair Oaks Ave, California Blvd, and Arroyo Parkway, as well as a "RoachCoach", and on site vendors.
  19. Have Fun!

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